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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I send through my application for my child?
    We currently welcome applications throughout the academic year.
  • How can I apply for a place for my child?
    To apply for a place at Lüderitz Blue School, the first step is to collect an Application Form from our school office or to download one here. Please see our Admissions page for more information about the process of joining the school.
  • What is included in the School Fees?
    School tuition fees are paid monthly, in 12 instalments throughout the year. These fees cover lessons, educational resources, school facilities and textbooks. The fees do not cover the cost of external examination fees, uniform items and overnight excursions. They also do not cover stationery costs and school exercise books. A Stationery List for learners will be provided in the Welcome Pack.
  • Do you offer funded places or scholarships?
    Lüderitz Blue School is committed to offering a number of scholarship places. For more information and to find out whether scholarships are currently available, please refer to our scholarship Admissions page.
  • How much are the School Tuition Fees?
    Please refer to our Fee Policy for our current schools fees.
  • Why do you follow the UK National Curriculum?
    The UK National Curriculum is an internationally recognised, highly regarded syllabus covering a wide range of subjects. The content covered is transferable to other systems, should your child need to transition to another curriculum in the future. We also hope to move to the Cambridge curriculum over the next few years, which is founded on the UK National Curriculum and has many similarities. Our teachers use Namibian textbooks as well as material from the UK, ensuring that local geography and history is also taught to our learners. Afrikaans is also compulsory for all learners.
  • Which Curriculum do you follow?
    At Lüderitz Blue School, we follow the UK National Curriculum. Please see the curriculum page for more information about the curriculum and subjects on offer.
  • Are you a Cambridge School?
    Cambridge International accreditation is awarded to schools outside of the UK who follow a model similar to the UK National Curriculum and meet specified criteria set out by Cambridge. At the Lüderitz Blue School, we already follow the UK National Curriculum and we intend to apply for Cambridge International accreditation over the coming years as our school grows.
  • Are you an International School?
    The broad definition of an international school is a school that follows a curriculum different to the national curriculum of the country it is situated in. As we are based in Namibia but following the UK National Curriculum, Lüderitz Blue School can be defined as an international school. We pride ourselves on our diversity and celebrate our differences, and teach our learners to have a broad, international outlook on the world.
  • What are your school hours?
    The school day begins at 8:00 and academic lessons run until 1:00. We then offer a full programme of Extra-Curricular activities, running from 2:00 until 3:00 (unless otherwise specified). Attendance of Extra-Curricular activities is expected as a part of our curriculum.
  • Which Extra-Curricular Activities do you offer?
    Please find our current Extra-Curricular schedule here.
  • My child does not attend Lüderitz Blue School, but would like to join some Extra-Curricular activities. Is this possible?
    Yes! The Extra-Curricular programme is open to all learners in Lüderitz. Please get in touch with our Extra-Curricular coordinator for information on the spaces available and costs involved.
  • I have an idea for an Extra-Curricular club that I would like to run at the school. Who should I contact?
    We are always happy to hear from volunteers who would like to run a club at school. Please get in touch with our Extra-Curricular coordinator for further information.
  • What is the structure of the School?
    The learners at Lüderitz Blue School are currently taught in four mixed age classes: Seahorse Class (Grades 0-2), Penguin Class (Grades 3-4), Octopus Class (Grades 5-6) and Shark Class (Grade 7). Lessons and work are differentiated and tailored to suit each child’s level of development.
  • What are the benefits of mixed age classes?
    There have been various research studies on the impact of mixed age classes in primary education. Such studies have found that children in mixed age classes have increased social awareness and emotional understanding, and are able to work effectively both independently and in a group. At Lüderitz Blue School, we view our mixed age classes as a strong advantage. We believe it allows our older learners to take on a mentoring role within the class, guiding and acting as an example to the younger learners, whilst also consolidating their own understanding.
  • What age are your Learners?
    Our learners are boys and girls between the ages of 5-13 years old. Our youngest learners may join us in Grade 0, in the academic year they are age 5, turning 6. From January 2025, we will also offer provision for Grades 8-12. Please contact us for further information.
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