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Boarding House

Our Boarding House - the Blue House - welcomed its first boarders in January 2024.

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The Blue House 

The Blue House has been set up as a ‘home away from home’ for learners joining our school from outside of Lüderitz. It is open for learners enrolled at Lüderitz Blue School from the age of 8.


The house is run by a small, supportive and inclusive team and boarders are warmly welcomed to the Boarding family. 

Boarders are kept busy with a wide range of activities on offer and are encouraged to try as much as possible to discover new hobbies and interests and make new friends. They also have enough time to study, rest and have their own leisure time.

As of January 2024, Boarding House fees are N$4500 per month per learner.
This amount includes food (three meals a day and snacks), as well as
supervised after-school activities.
The Boarding House fees are independent of school fees.

For further information on enrolling your child at the Boarding House, please contact us.


Boarding House Matron

Meet our dedicated Boarding House staff 

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