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Welcome to The Lüderitz Blue School, a private international school offering the British National Curriculum to boys and girls from Grades 0-7. We expect to open our secondary level (Grades 8-12) soon - if you are interested in these years, please get in touch for more information.


At the Blue School we know that our learners are all as unique as the town of Lüderitz itself, where various industries, people and cultures come together, and the desert and ocean meet.


From a young age, our learners are encouraged to be true to themselves, to believe in their abilities and potential, to follow their passions and to think and behave independently. 


An internationally focussed centre of excellence, we offer a wide range of academic subjects, as well as a full programme of engaging and inspiring extra-curricular activities. Our learners are taught to care for and appreciate the wonders of the natural world, with a particular focus on the desert and marine environments of Lüderitz. 


We believe that a Lüderitz Blue School education enables children to grow into curious, bold, resilient and open-minded individuals who will take on the challenges of the future with a positive attitude, balanced mindset, and an endless love of learning.

Marnie Allen, Principal

Our Goals

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Top Quality Education

Provide international standard primary education to the community in Lüderitz, including a high percentage of scholarship pupils.

Healthy, Active Lifestyles

Provide a programme of extra-curricular activities for children and young people to develop skills, foster links and cooperation across different areas of Lüderitz society and promote healthy, active lifestyles.

Best Practice in Education

Build partnerships with international schools in Namibia and around the world to foster a culture of understanding and exchange best practices in education and development.

Blue School Values

Academic excellence graphic

Academic Excellence

In breadth as well as in depth

Boundless curiosity


A love of questioning and discovery



Inclusive and empathetic 



Bold and audacious, tenacious and resilient

Generosity of spirit


Generosity of spirit, kind and helpful to others

Envrionmental awareness1


Aware, awed by, and knowledgeable about the desert, the sea, and the past and present of the region

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