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Our Admissions

Admissions are open for learners from Grades 0 to 7. We accept admissions all year long and learners can join the Blue School at any time. We currently have one fully-funded scholarship place to offer to a learner in Grade 2 or 3 (see below).

From 2024 we are expanding to offer up to Grade 12 (subject to approval of our registration application by the Ministry of Education). If you are looking for Grades 8-12 please get in touch at for more information.



Selected children will then be invited into school for a Trial Day(s). During the Trial Day(s), children will have a school tour and participate in the regular timetabled lessons and playtimes. They will also be required to complete an independent online aptitude test. This is not a test of what the child knows so much as an assessment of how they learn.


Following the Trial Day, a member of the school management will contact parents to inform them whether the child has been successful. If a place is to be offered to the child, the parents will be invited in for a meeting with a member with School Management to discuss the next steps and receive all necessary paperwork. We will endeavour to inform parents whether their child has been successful or not within 7 days following the Trial Day.

Scholarship Places

The Lüderitz Blue School would like to make a top-class education available to as many children in Lüderitz as possible. We therefore offer a number of fully-funded scholarship places. The scholarship places available will increase in proportion to the number of enrolled learners at the school.


We currently have scholarship places available in Grades 3 or 4. The application process is the same as above but parents should enclose a 'motivation letter' that sets out why they are applying for a scholarship place and why they think their child would benefit from it. Please see the scholarship policy for more details.

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