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Winter term in a poem

In our school days, the memories gleam,

A chapter closing in our end-of-term dream.

Netball and tournaments under the sun's gleam,

Science rockets soaring, our dreams taking steam.

Lukika parade, colors vibrant and bright,

"Viva colonia" united us under the light.

Quiz nights challenging, minds taking flight,

Photos and blue walls, moments etched just right.

Marli and Georgia, guiding us through,

Soap making, hatchery trips, adventures anew.

Ocean fun, surfing, and bodies on the blue,

Gardening and cooking, creativity in the view.

Gifted a new net, we played as a team,

Presentation skills with Jacob, a confidence gleam.

Exploring the peninsula's flora, oh, how we'd dream,

Stadium's logo, our identity's beam.

Sports Saturdays, cheers, and the fight,

As this term ends, our memories unite.

In this poem, our school days take flight,

Moments we'll cherish, day and night.

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