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Our new library

One of the challenges of opening a school in Lüderitz is where to get the materials you need to inspire and feed young minds - books! There is no dedicated bookshop in town and the nearest is many hundreds of kilometres away.

As a new school, it is also a challenge to stock a library big enough to keep up with the voracious reading appetites of our budding bookworms.

We are therefore extremely grateful to the generous donation from St George's, the British International School Cologne who donated and packed a fantastic library of books. We also send thanks to the Round Table - the parents association from St Georges - who contributed towards the shipping costs to bring the books from Germany to Lüderitz.

The bookshelves were built by Anthony Shipanga - a fantastic local artisan and carpenter who made them with repurposed cupboard doors.

The children's faces speak for themselves. Our new happy place has been created!

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