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The Lüderitz Blue School Garden

Under the guidance of Michael Mwinga, an intern in the lab and hatchery at Kelp Blue, and with the help of a team of volunteers from Kelp Blue lending a hand, we have the beginnings of a Blue School garden.

Planters have been created out of old pallets generously donated by Novanam to create larger areas for planting vegetables and vertical gardens for herbs and smaller crops.

Michael has filled the boxes with special coco peat blocks made from the fibrous outer husks of coconuts which are excellent at retaining water to make sure the crops can thrive in the dry Lüderitz climate. To this he added nutrient rich compost.

Next step is to get the kids to plant our first crop and see what grows! The children will learn about what plants need to grow, the care and attention needed to nurture life and we can also do experiments with the Kelp Blue biostimulant to learn how the properties of seaweed can help plants on land to resist drought and disease. And hopefully grow some delicious fresh vegetables for us all to enjoy.

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